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We have years of experience in installation of commercial cannabis cultivation rooms. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and necessary skill to do a error-free installation of large scale grow rooms meant for cannabis cultivation on a bigger scale. Though various watering options are available, we prefer using the hydroponic system as it decreases the use of herbicides and pesticides.

We always complete the entire installation system within a stipulated time and without disturbing your schedule of the day. We also take care of the electrical and plumbing part and see that everything is installed properly without any defect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install a completely indoor warehouse grow room?

Growing cannabis indoor is an ideal solution as the plants can be protected from external warm temperature and many other things. We have a team of experts who can do the indoor installation of the entire big commercial grow room quite easily. If proper air-filtration system, ventilation system and a nicely operating plumbing system is made by covering the large floor area, you can grow cannabis in required volume quite easily. Indoor plantation will also ensure maximum profit with minimum use of water and energy resources. It will help you to yield more profit.

How much time is needed for the installation process to take place?

The time of installation of industrial grow rooms generally depends on the area that needs to be covered. If the area is very big, then obviously more time will be needed. But our technical experts are quite fast in executing the process and we take around 25% less time than our competitors in the market. The installation process is done very minutely taking care of all the technical aspects so that the client does not face any difficulty once the commercial production has started. Before beginning of the commercial operations a test run is recommended only to see that every aspect is working fine.

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