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We, as expert in commercial grow room design has developed many grow rooms. Our grow rooms designs are so perfectly done that our previous clients always appreciate us for our perfect design. Design of the grow room is the most important aspect of the production facility and our expert designers does it with care.

After an initial meeting with the clients, we visit the site and based on the budget and requirement of customer, a proper design is made. The basic purpose of making the design is that the client can make maximum utilization of the space. In addition, he must enjoy all the amenities and facilities that are needed to run the production process smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ventilation systems installed in the grow rooms?

Yes, our warehouse grow room design is done in such a way that the ventilation infrastructure is incorporated into the walls and ceilings of the grow room. We accommodate the air-handling equipment there in order to remove heat or control the humidity. It is also designed in such a way that it will also prevent any damage from mold contamination.

We can design the air-handling requirements as per the specifications needed. There will be a grid system along the ceiling in order to support the filtration units which are fan power based.

Where will be the power source in grow room design?

Whether it is your HVAC types of equipment or security cameras or any other electrical appliances, our design team can give power connection wherever you want these devices to be placed. These things are finalized in our first meeting with the client and accordingly, the design of the commercial growing room is made.

We route the electrical cables through the raceways made along the aluminium stud of the building. The electric system in the modular grow rooms are pre-engineered and snapped together for flexibility and speed. A separate circuit is made for those appliances which need more power.

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